Audio Video Cables and Connectors

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scart, rca, s-vhs, cables, audio, video, converters, analog, digital, toslink, splitters, 6.3mm, 3.5mm, 2.5mm, banana, plugs, jacks, etc.

Connecting Audio, Video, Satellite, Computer equipment.

Providing items from simple plugs to complex cables and connectors.




     RCA plugs sockets

    Banana plugs / Binding posts
   Tip plugs / Crocodile clamps
    ON - OFF Switches
    Neon, Pilot Indicator Light, LED

    and Energy Saving Lamps
    Scart/Rca/BNC cables
      Scart/Rca/S-VHS cables

     Scart adapters to..
     Video cables and HDMI®
     Audio adapters pl/so.
     TV/SAT plugs sockets
     Plugs Jacks panels
     Computer Printer cables etc.
     Toslink related items
    Car DC Splitter Fuses etc.
Power cable plug jack adapters
Splitters Taps
Cable connectors terminals
Mobile Phone Accessories
Cell Phone and Digital Camera Battery Packs
Battery h. CR2, AAA, AA, PCB
ipod ipod ipad


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