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Car charger
mobile phones



Car charger plug with spiral cable overload
overheat protection for mobile phones Samsung
Siemens Sony-Ericsson

suitable for mobile, cell phones

  Samsung A800 D500
SGH-A300, SGH-A400, SGH-A800, SGH-D500, SGH-E100
SGH-E700/10, SGH-E800, SGH-E850, SGH-N400, SGH-N500
SGH-N620, SGH-P400, .SGH-P510, SGH-Q200, SGH-R210s,
SGH-S300, SGH-S300M, SGH-S500, SGH-T10, SGH-V200
............and more till SGH-X620

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA75837

Samsung E720 E810 P730
SGH-E620, SGH-E720, SGH-E810, SGH-P730, SGH-S342i,
SGH-X910, SGH-Z110

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA75798

Samsung E530

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA78207



  Siemens 25 35 45 50
A35, A 36, A 50, C25/power, C28, C35i, C45, M35i, M50, ME45
MT50, S25, S35i, S45, S45i, SL43, SL45, SL45i

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA56647

Siemens 55 60 65
A 52, A55, A 57, A60, A63, A70, A75, AX75, C55, C60, C62, C70
C65, C76, CFX65, CT65, CV65, CF62, CF75, CX65

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA63955

  Ericsson-Sony D750i, K750i, S600i, W800,  Z520i

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA75918

Ericsson-Sony K700, P900, T68 T610
F500i,  K500i,  K700i, P800, P900, P900i, S700i, SEM100, T68i,
T100, T200, T300, T310, T600, T610, T630, Z500

US $  3.50 Ref # AMA75799

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They are only for the clarification of the compatibilities of our products with the products
of different manufacturer.

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