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Car related

DC DC Converter for Computers

DC/DC Converter for Notebooks like with 6 DC single plugs for HP, IBM, Gateway,

DC/DC Converter
Regulated DC/DC Converter
for Notebook Computers

input: 12-13,8 V,
output: 15-16-18-19-20 V DC / 6 A,
22-24 V DC / 5 A,
with 6 DC single plugs for HP, IBM, Gateway,
Toshiba, Dell, Sharp, Acer

US $  25.95
Ref. #  NA 11
Order Quantity
minimum 1


Converts the cigarette lighter in your car into three separate power sources. For use with CD players,
cellular telephones, notebook computers, radar detectors, calculators, small black and white TV,
tape recorder and so on. 


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