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Cell phone
battery packs



Alcatel cell phone battery packs


Alcatel ONE TOUCH 300, -301, -302, -303
ONE TOUCH 310, -311, -312


  ONE TOUCH 300, -301, -302, -303 
B50B 650mAh NiMH 3.6V 46 g blue
US $  4.95 Ref # AMA65000
US $  7.70 Ref # AMA59900 in Blister packing

ONE TOUCH 310, -311, -312  
700mAh NiMH 3.6V 42 g blue
US $  4.40 Ref # AMA65118
US $  6.95 Ref # AMA66118 in Blister packing


Replacement battery pack Alcatel B45B and others


Mobile phone battery pack
replace B45B, B46B - non original

Mobile phone battery pack with high performance
cells for long stand-by- and working time with
integrated battery protection

replacement for the following battery models:
Alcatel: B45B (650mAH NiMH), B46B (580mAH LiIon)

suitable as well for the following devices:
Alcatel: One Touch Easy DB, One Touch Club DB,
One Touch Max DB

integrated Lithium batteries protection
against overcharge, overheat and
short circuit
no memory effect
can be charged with the original charger
voltage 3,6 V
capacity 700 mAh
lenght 53,5 mm
width 34 mm
lenght 12,5 mm
color blue
technology NiMH
weight 40 g
model internal battery pack
suitable for Alcatel

US $    4.90 Ref # AMA65104
US $    8.95 Ref # AMA36121 Blister packing



nokia non original batteries





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Alcatel cell phone battery packs
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cell mobil phone battery

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