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Data Cable

distance up to 60 m



HDMI™ CAT 5/6 extender

HDMI EXTENDER CAT 5e/6 design how to connect



HDMI™ CAT 5/6 extender

The HDMI extender / amplifier transfers the signal
up to 60 meter cable length with Cat 6 cables and
with Cat 5e cable 30 meter
recommended for best result CAT 6, pair in foil und braiding shielded (copper)
and there
supports HDTV up to a resolution of 1080p
conform to HDCP standard
gold-plated HDMI jacks
Included power supplies!
Dimensions sender and receiver: 81x43x23mm

Euro €  68.00 set with 1 sender, 1 receiver and power supplies
item # AMA hdmi60sr
minimum order: 1 set


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LSA-HD modules
Installation and Comparison LSA-HD modules
DATA cable 5e solid, standed
shielded, unshielded
CAT 5e, UTP, FTP, SFTP, patch cable, stranded
CAT 6, UTP, FTP, SFTP, patch cable, stranded, CCA or Copper
CAT 6, U/UTP, S/FTP PIMF , solid cable, CCA or copper
HDMI™ CAT 5/6 extender
DATA cable for 7 and 7+
LSA disconnecting module 2/10 to 10DA
LSA connecting module 2/10 to 10DA
Patch Panel CAT 6, 24 ports
Patch Panel CAT 5e,
24 ports, 8 ports
Patch Panels 24 and 8 Ports CAT 5e, 24 ports, 8 ports, shielded
Patch Panel Telephone CAT 3, 50, 25, 32 ports
LSA Connecting module 1/20 to 20DA
LSA Earth Module 2 / 38
LSA Disconnecting Module 2/10 for back mount frame
LSA Disconnecting Module 2/10 for round rod installation
LSA Insertion Tool
Module Label Holder 2/10 and Attachable Label Holder 2/10
LSA Back Mount Frames flexible
LSA Overvoltage Protection Magazine 2/10
Gas-filled overvoltage arrestor, 2-pole, type 8x6
10 pairs Disconnection Module
8 and 10 pairs Disconnection Module
5 pairs Disconnecting and 10 pairs Profile Disconnection Module
[1-20] [21-40] [41-?]

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