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LED Ground Light and
LED bulbs capsule for G4 socket

LED Ground Light

LED ground light populated with one 1W Luxeon chip LED
Newest generation of LED ground illumination in noble chrome-design.
Longevity and really low current consumption are the advantage of this illuminators.
incl. 1W LED luxeon illuminator, 25 cm open wire connecting cable and safety-glass
in water clear optic
housing weatherproofed: IP65
operating voltage: 230 V AC
outer diameter: 62 mm
assembly dimension: 38 mm
installation depth: 90 mm
angle of reflected beam: 11 (flood).
including ground mounting sleeve

US 46.30 for 30250 LED ground light 1W white WCO

minimum order 2 units


LED bulbs capsule for G4 socket

This new generation of LED bulbs capsule win over not only by their longevity and very low consumption of electricity but also this device can replace standard bulbs of 5W power.

Please use this bulb capsules together with our special LED transformer SET 15 LED (order-code 30147) see: neon9.htm
diameter: 11.2 mm
length: 23.5 mm
socket: G 4
voltage: 12 V
peak voltage: 14 V
power input: on about 0.3 W
luminous intensity: on about 5 W of standard bulbs

US  3.20 for 30246 LED G4 5W blau / blue
US  3.20 for 30248 LED G4 5W gelb / yellow
US  3.20 for 30249 LED G4 5W grn / green
US  3.20 for 30247 LED G4 5W rot / red
US  3.20 for 30263 LED G4 5W warm weiss / white warm
US  3.20 for 30245 LED G4 5W weiss / white

Quantity 10 minimum order

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